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Apr 13, 2013 12:30pm PDT
% of gdp, in 2014. under obama's budget, by 2020, the national debt ceiling will exceed $25 trillion. >>> question. is this budget the basis for serious negotiations with the republican leadership? or is it a political ploy? pat buchanan? >> no i think he did throw out a card john with the social security chain cpi. but i don't think it will go anywhere for this reason. the president has tax increases in there the republican house simply cannot abide and go home and survive. he is not going to get those tax increases. secondly, this chain cpi, already has a fire storm inside the democratic party against him for going after social security and medicare. so i think he put this out here. but john the real long-term problem medicare, medicaid social security eat up more and more and more of the budget. you mentioned defense and discretionary spending go down less and less and less. and i think it is, you know, this is no new deal or no new frontier or no great society. it is a timid budget, i think. and it is a grim budget for the united states. >>> the cpi is the consumer price index. make your point
Apr 12, 2013 10:30pm EDT
house for the increase in the debt ceiling. at the end of the day, we get $2.5 trillion in spending restraint. those were the caps and the sequester. there were repeated efforts by democrats in the senate and the white house to try to undo that agreement of august went 11, but it held. 2011, but it held. there is a boy who cried wolf type of thing going on. at the end of the day, we taxpayers won that fight. those who believed in d.c. that you had to raise taxes in order to get any spending restraint were wrong. we got the spending restraint without the tax increases. president obama is again saying, i will never let you cut the budget unless you give me an -- more tax increases. he said that for the past three years, and he has lost several times on that fight. does he want to have spending restraint or entitlement reform? i do not think so. i am not saying that guessing what is in his mind. i think you just look backwards. the first two years of his presidency, a democratic house, a super majority, a democratic senate, he woke up every morning and he could have reformed entitlemen
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2